Proudly Canadian

 Our story began with a simple idea that every closet should feature high-quality, everyday essentials that are well-designed and comfortable. As we started laying out the principles of our business, we made an oath that we will provide only the best for parents and their children. From locally manufactured fabrics to the assembly of our pieces, our garments are 100% Canadian made.

So, what makes us different? What makes us stand out?

 Since we started sketching our first pieces back in 2017, we have stayed true to the idea of responsible and sustainable production. All of our garments are produced right here at home in Toronto, Canada. From the production of high-quality fabrics to the sewing of the final garment, everything is done by local artisans and craftsmen who are passionate about their work.

 We started our journey with a family operated knitting mill here in Toronto. Working with our team they spent countless hours planning and developing the fabrics used in creating our collection. Our fabrics are manufactured with great care and attention, ensuring to maintain the ethical values and quality that Canadian products stand by.

Pictured above: non-toxic and environmentally conscious dyeing, regulated and approved by Environment Canada.

 Manufacturing locally gave us the opportunity to meet the makers behind our garments. We partnered with the best artisans who pride themselves in the use of time-honoured techniques and supreme skills. It is important to us that every person who produces our clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions. Seeing their work first hand brings a sense of pride to us and we are convinced that by supporting local businesses we are creating a better ground for everyone.


Pictured above: our black shift dress.

 As we explored the Canadian products market, we were delighted to find a wide range of local businesses that are working to support locally and ethically made fashion. These small businesses are leading the way to a brighter future of Canadian fashion, and we are proud to be among them. Shopping locally has never looked this good! 

 In the era of fast-fashion, it’s refreshing to see so many parents and local businesses supporting our idea. From our humble beginnings in a little studio in Toronto, we created this small, family-owned brand that we hope to grow together with you.


 Thank you for your support.

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