Our Second Collection: Chapter Two

Some of our best ideas spark from inspiration and creative influence. For this collection, we decided to use the world of social media to find talent in our own backyard. Using the simple hashtag #madeincanada we were able to find our muse, a painter. Inspired by her work and the collaborative process we launched our follow-up collection, Chapter Two. I'm excited to share how it came to be and how things unfolded.

GINA MCKINNON // IG: @flowwestward // www.flowwestward.ca


One afternoon while searching through the hashtag #madeincanada I stumbled upon a beautiful painting by a Calgary-based artist named Gina. Her abstract painting "Waiting on Rain" featured a beautiful colour canvas which captured my interest. Her choice of colours was something I had in mind, yet I was unable to put my fingers around. Gina had captured our vision on paper ever so perfectly that I had to reach out to her. E-meeting Gina gave us an opportunity to get to know her better and she permitted us to use her painting as an inspiration for our upcoming collection.

Waiting on Rain, Artist: Gina McKinnon


This is what Gina had to say about her painting:

 Part I // Storm Series & Waiting On Rain No. 1

 “Waiting On Rain was inspired by a Friday afternoon drive I took through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of my home in Calgary, AB. That day I stopped at a local vintage market, drove down some back roads, and watched a storm roll in from the top of a hill. When I painted the Storm Series, I tried to capture the way that everything - the grass, the flowers, the air - just stood perfectly still while that storm charged across the valley. It was as if everything was holding its collective breath, including me. Being at the mercy of a prairie storm thundering towards you is a humbling thing. It reminds you that we all have certain fundamental things in common: like how each of us is at the mercy of a storm every once in a while and that there is the beauty to be found in every one of them and every one of us.”

Photo Credit: Gina McKinnon


Bringing it All Together

Our Chapter Two collection is different from the first and features bolder colours while keeping the overall look neutral. Aligned with "Waiting on Rain" the soft greys, deep burgundy and kiss of tan are the central colours of the collection. The fabrics are soft and styles are simple, making the garments perfect for everyday wear. At Slate and Pearl, we want your children to wear our clothing for years to come, passing them on from one child to another. We try to build personal relationships with our garment makers so we know that each piece is coming from a place of care. 

Since our beginnings, we recognised there was a narrative to be written in our Canadian backyard. By finding beauty in a local artists’ work, collaborating with local talent and sourcing fabrics from Canadian suppliers we created a collection that we are grateful to share with you. 


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